Friday, January 15, 2010

Most common treatment for breast cancer

With advances in research, there are many options for treating breast cancer and you are invited to choose depends on several factors. Recently, scientists have claimed that it represents a new line, found a possible treatment for breast cancer. Currently, there is a combination of treatments. The main treatments are surgery, hormone therapy, biological (Herceptin), radiotherapy and chemotherapy. They can be used individually or in combination, depending on several factors, as noted:

type of breast cancer today
menopause, whether or not there
Tumor size
Degree of cancer cells
stage cancer
whether specific receptors,
general health of the patient

All of these factors are taken into account, which must be taken to the doctor.

Cancer is a class or classes in order to classify and evaluate the tumor, and doctors decided to give appropriate treatment. Given the stage of breast cancer, whether the cancer has spread and how it grew. This note, as well as cancer cells appear when viewed through a microscope. There are three levels: low (level 1, the slow-growing), intermediate (class 2) and high-class (class 3), rapidly growing tumors. They have a higher risk of returning to the first treatment, and if the operation took place around the tumor come from the tax will probably prescribe chemotherapy to destroy remaining cancer cells and thus reduce the risk of return. Grades and stages of breast cancer provide a general rule, as it is impossible to generalize how tumors will behave.

If the cancer is localized to the breast and underarm lymph nodes, and then spread to my treatment without surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy in combination with other treatment methods. Most people, however, begin treatment with surgery, and there are different types of operations that May be offered depending on the location and size of tumors. Mastectomy when the entire breast removed with a possible reconstruction, later. Lumpectomy removed when the tumor itself, together with a small amount of surrounding breast tissue. And, of course, radiation is concentrated on the chest, is likely to be invited.

There are many factors that will be offered alternative treatment, especially as the patient feels his options after selecting the appropriate treatment. There is no right or wrong answer to this decision, and every woman feels differently. It can be overwhelming, removes the entire breast, even if it might be desirable to have a lumpectomy with radiation therapy for some women. Some believe that they do not want radiation therapy, while others will choose them if you stuck to your chest.

There are different types of breast cancer and other cancers in general. Mesothelioma cancer is a very different type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma Symptoms include chest pain, such as general, shortness of breath and cough. Symptoms of breast cancer, and specific things that, including in-depth on the skin, changes shape and size of the breast, thickening or lump in the breast, nipple, irregular, especially when the internal problems, such as in, pulled out a rash on the nipple or area, colored discharge (blood), lump or swelling in the armpit.

There are many facts about breast cancer, functions, symptoms and treatment of breast cancer, but not knowledge and research, there are many variants, suffer from this disease.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alternative treatment for breast cancer

It is gratifying to know at least something like the subject of cancer, diseases, and special courses in the laboratory, constantly in the minds of many good scientists, physicians and oncologists. This is a breakthrough on different levels of advanced cancer drug breakthrough excellent news for the treatment of this deadly malignancy. Some of the latest innovations in modern cancer include ultrasound (successful in detecting and treating prostate cancer), as well as advanced forms of isolated performances that help significantly unique forms of treatment, which may then be proposed.

Scientists worldwide are studying, practice different techniques to get a better understanding of different and various forms of cancer and how it can best be treated. The trend away from formal methods of radiation and surgery is inevitable in full swing, with exciting new developments coming into the center of attention all the time. This, together with other medicines and holistic therapy really is growing in popularity, that is the essence of the spirit of alternative treatments for breast cancer.

The only way that some people do not realize that such an approach is an alternative therapy for cancer. Since it is known that chemotherapy and surgery, as well as hard drugs such as morphine, are traditionally the exclusive means for the treatment of cancer and the result is still very much about life or death. This misunderstanding can not be ignored, because it proves that there are other alternatives as effective, especially for such as breast cancer.

For a complete list of available clinics and programs, to seek wise, first with your physician to find or detect any anomalies, as well as exploring many alternatives. With this collective approach to professional evaluation to the best knowledge of your body, you are much better and stronger position in all the necessary resources to use in their fight against the disease.

How cancer affects every organ in the body, if it spreads, it is known as metastasis, is often a much bigger problem if unrecognized and untreated, and it's important for women to thermograph. Alternative medicine is afraid of mammography. Furthermore, as men, it is equally important for the proper screening for prostate cancer, so it is caught before it is even the possibility of proliferation.

Through the use of cancer drug breakthrough in the form of alternative therapy, diet and exercise program, chemotherapy, and when she needed surgery and, if absolutely necessary, that, in the stages of cancer the way will be derived from existence. I just know that there are other alternatives out there to take over some of the burden of this disease on individuals and families.

It should be noted that a lifestyle change just the thing to be able to contribute to the fight against this disease and that it is not impossible, with the help of a qualified nutritionist or dietician in order to offer better food for the entire system. This, combined with regular exercise and relaxation, like meditation and deep breathing can benefit the growth of cells in the body, and May even bring harmony and diseased cells. What would you like to look for cancer, it is important to treat them seriously, while at the same time, if at all possible, even more quietly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Important factors in breast cancer survivors

Individuals who have been identified and forecast to have breast cancer, restoring a shock in the early afternoon. Fortunately, the shock wears off, and get support. That's good, because the support is exactly what cancer patient needs at this critical moment in his life. This support can be provided to friends, family or even support groups.

Treatment of breast cancer is much better than in the past, thankfully. There are a number of factors for the success of treatment depends, however, there is a problem. The patient must be strong enough to be subjected to the treatment provided for testing. That is, they are emotional and physical preparation.

Cancer is not the only requirement. In fact, all cancer cells, perhaps in some parts of the body. There are several factors that May cause effects on these cells, one of which has a weakened immune system.

This is not the only reason for people developing breast cancer, though. As May have guessed, there are some hereditary causes. For example, it May be that is passed from ancestors. There is a process, of course, but still open for treatment, because May seems.

Sometimes treatment for breast cancer causes more harm than good. He has more than one person, which ended with a disease associated with the treatment itself. Complications often, especially when the immune system is weakened by chemotherapy.

There are several alternative treatments for breast cancer, you can see. Alternative methods of treatment and the more traditional can be separated. These are the things you need to go to the doctor, at some point.

Breast cancer can be serious, or it May be less serious, but in any case must be know. You must know what is happening in your body and you know as soon as possible. Support groups at every step, and if they do not want to go home, you can always use it, leaving support groups. There is always someone willing to help, you should find them.

If you want to be cured of their disease, then you should take steps to reduce stress in your life and make sure it is healthy. That is, they should be in the full sense of the word, to be good. His world and not afraid. This is where support groups come in, and you will be especially useful in this painful time.

Delaying the tendency of people only exacerbates the problem of breast cancer. Does it only hurts you! Do not let him go, and I think that the problem is resolved. Get the help you need! Increased significantly with the proper attention and care, the chances of getting the form of exploitation.