Monday, October 26, 2009

Clinical picture and course of breast cancer

Often the first sign of a node.

A breast cancer is noticed very often through a palpable node. It may be surprising in the breast self-examination, or at the screening by the doctor. But there are also other symptoms that can occur in breast cancer. These include:
  • Hardening of the breast or the breast skin
  • Pain, pressure or tightness in the chest
  • Recovery of the breast skin
  • Inflammation of the breast and / or breast skin
  • Changes in the nipple
  • Fluid discharge from the nipple
  • General symptoms (eg, general feelings of weakness, weight loss)

Not always the symptoms are caused by a tumor.

Not go out at one or more such complaints, but you have to automatically assume that there is definitely a breast cancer disease. It can also cause other illnesses on these complaints. Feelings of tension in the chest as can also indicate a mastodynia. Even nodes are not automatically mean cancer. By normal remodeling processes in the breast can lead to fibrocystic changes that occur in the nodes and also pain. But it is better in every case, to investigate the complaints quickly and thoroughly by a doctor to find out the actual cause. At the same time is also a relief if it is found that a harmless illness is behind the complaints.

Various symptoms indicative of metastasis.

In rare cases, breast cancer is only noticed if they have already formed "daughter tumors (metastases) in the lymph nodes or other organs. Then are the associated discomfort that interfere with the normal functions of affected lymph nodes or organs. This can for example be:
  • Palpable thickened and / or hardened lymph nodes in the armpit with involvement of one or more axillary lymph nodes
  • Shortness of breath or other breathing problems, chronic cough, bloody sputum and / or pain in the chest where the lungs and / or the pleura is affected
  • Bone pain and / or bone fractures in the presence of bone metastases
  • Paralysis, sensory disturbances and / or pain in bone metastases in the spine that press on the spinal cord or nerve roots springing from the spinal cord
  • Ascites (ascites) and / or jaundice during infection of the liver
  • Headache, disturbances of consciousness, paralysis, numbness, speech difficulties, impaired memory and / or personality changes when metastases have formed in the brain

Only an investigation creates security.

But again, that these complaints are not a sure indication of a cancer. Such symptoms can sometimes also occur with other diseases or in healthy people as a "mood disorder". Time should be prolonged existence of such complaints, or on specific cancers suspected a thorough investigation.

Very rarely, a breast cancer disease first manifests itself by so-called general symptoms that may occur in the context of many cancers.

Illness, treatment and life circumstances cause considerable suffering for the soul.

Apart from the purely physical complaints and the "accompanying" charges should not be ignored. Thus, by the by the disease or therapy associated disorders, such as declining performance, or general weakness, limitations arise in everyday life. For many stakeholders, it is very stressful when their usual activities at work or leisure, you can pursue any more. You may develop feelings of inferiority or anxiety within the fellow's fault. In addition, a disease is a typical female body part such as the breast for many women, the female self-image into question. Just after the surgical removal of the breast may face obstacles in sexual intercourse with the partner.

Psychologists and psycho-oncologists to help.

A panacea for these complaints or charges do not exist. However, no woman should be afraid, with family and friends and of course with the doctor or speak to a psychologist or a psycho-oncologist about this serious situation. This results in often quite practical help and understanding of the disease is encouraged. In addition, physiotherapy exercises to help overcome physical weaknesses. A big help to restore the "female self-image" offer methods of breast structure or when simpler measures, externally, or with the clothes to wear breast prostheses.

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