Sunday, February 7, 2010

Statins: cholesterol cons and lung cancer!

Smokers who have too much cholesterol they have better luck? In any case they would more than other smokers. Why? Because they take a statin, an anti-cholesterol, and that this molecule also protects against lung cancer!

Statins and cancer

Smokers are the luckiest paradoxically those who suffer from high cholesterol because treatment confers protection against lung cancer.
The description of this new effect of statins is particularly interesting because except smoking cessation, we do not currently have any weapons preventive from this terrible cancer.

Lung cancer

Each year there are 28,000 new cases of lung cancer and nearly 150,000 deaths (or 26 times more than road fatalities). In 95% cases it is caused by tobacco. Smokers and former smokers are the most concerned, but also non-smokers from passive smoking victims.

A 55% reduction in risk of lung cancer in statin

This study examined a population of approximately 480,000 persons followed in a clinic for veterans between 1998 and 2004. Lung cancer was reported in 7280 of these subjects (1.5%) and 164,000 were receiving treatment with statins (34%). Among subjects in whom lung cancer was reported, 27% were taking a statin, against 34% of those without cancer. Regardless of all the risks that may affect the risk of lung cancer (smoking, age, sex, weight, diabetes, alcohol consumption ...), we see that taking a statin for more than 6 months is associated with a 55% reduction in risk of lung cancer. This effect of statins appears from treatment over 6 months. Then, it seems that more processing time is longer, the protective effect tends to increase. In contrast, the type of statin and dosage does not seem to intervene in this study.

These data are important and are similar to those obtained for other statins on cancer. Studies should continue on the protection afforded by statins against tumors. It is at least a good reason for motivation for those who take a statin daily.

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