Thursday, March 11, 2010

You have a lump in the breast? do not panic!

Have a lump in the breast is mostly benign. But better to talk to the doctor, so as not to miss breast cancer. The simple characteristics of this lump in the breast can usually identify the origin.

A lump in the breast: is it a fibroadenoma. Has a mixture of glandular tissue and fibrous tissue, the fibroadenoma is common among young women from puberty until their thirties. It manifests as a ball can go from 1 to 5 cm. This ball is smooth, regular and elastic. It is mobile and slides under the finger. It can be single or multiple and become painful.

The lump in the breast tends to grow with hormonal changes, during menstruation, with the pill or pregnancy. The diagnosis of fibroadenoma is confirmed by ultrasound or mammography. In young women, monitoring is recommended. If aesthetic discomfort or pain, we can proceed with ablation. Among older women (beyond 35 years), removal is more common as a fibroadenoma can hide a small malignant tumor.

A lump in the breast: is it a cyst.

Single or multiple (in polycystic), the cyst is due to an expansion of a milk duct (leading milk). It is common among women age 40 until menopause (in the absence of hormone replacement therapy).

The size of the cyst is variable, ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters, and varies depending on the hormonal cycle. This small lump in the breast is very limited, it is mobile to palpation (it rolls under the finger). Sometimes painful, it also has the characteristic of appearing suddenly.

The presence of a cyst does not require intervention in the vast majority of cases. If discomfort or pain, hormone therapy may be prescribed or the cyst emptied of its contents by aspiration cytology. In all cases, monitoring is needed.

A lump in the breast: is it a lipoma?

The lipoma is a fatty tissue mass. This mass is also of regular and smooth contour. Mobile, it deforms easily under the fingers. The lipoma does not require intervention.

A lump in the breast: Is it cancer?

If it is cancer, the characteristics are very different: the ball is hard, its contours are irregular and it is not mobile because the ball adheres to fabrics. Sometimes the ball changes the shape of the breast. It is necessary to consult their doctor or gynecologist.

In conclusion, a lump in the breast is mostly benign and does not require that surveillance. However, it may be breast cancer. Therefore, any lump in the breast requires a consultation to identify clearly the origin.

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