Monday, November 9, 2009

Cervical cancer Treatment and prognosis

Early detection and close monitoring

The treatment for cervical cancer depends on the stage of disease. Preliminary stages of cancer development that can be found on the early detection, can be treated with medication and even regress. Here, however, careful monitoring is necessary.

Surgical removal is in the foreground

In a unique development of cancer, the tumor is surgically removed. Here, different surgical techniques can be applied. For small tumors, and if the person has another child, the tumor tissue within a cone cut out of the cervix. It's called too conization. For larger tumors, the entire uterus is removed. In the neighboring lymph nodes are removed. For very large tumors may also be required under certain circumstances, the bladder and / or rectum to remove if the tumor has already penetrated into these organs. But it's often possible to combine the remaining bowel segments together so that no artificial anus is required. Also the urine in a natural way is still in control despite the removal of the bladder possible.


In some patients it may be useful to conduct after the surgery nor radiotherapy. In this way, may be remaining in the body kill tumor cells. Less commonly, chemotherapy can be recommended.


The prognosis of patients with cervical cancer depends on the disease stage at time of diagnosis. For example, live 5 years after diagnosis yet 87 percent of women with a tumor in stage I and about 70 percent of those with stage II cancer.

Preventive vaccination against infectious types of the HPV virus

Since 2006, there is a vaccination against the highly infectious HPV virus types that are responsible for the development of cervical cancer. Vaccination against HPV virus spreading from the Permanent Vaccination Commission (STIKO) for girls aged 12 to 17 years and is recommended since February 2007 as the official vaccination calendar. Vaccination should be completed with 3 doses before the first sexual intercourse. How long will the vaccination leads to immunity is not yet known. Importantly, however, in this context that, despite the vaccination continue regular cancer screening should be performed. Only thus can be other causes and forms of developing cancer early detection and treatment. The vaccine also offers no protection against other types of the HPV virus and the diseases caused by them.

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