Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treatment and prognosis of Uterine cancer - endometrial cancer


Basis of therapy is surgical removal of the tumor. In the uterus and is often also remove the ovaries, because there are most likely to settle metastases. Also, the adjacent lymph nodes are removed with this reason.


Frequently closes after the operation to radiotherapy. This will apply even if an operation is not possible, for example, if the tumor is already advanced.


Occasionally, the administration of certain hormones (progesterone) may be useful. Chemotherapy is rarely used.


The chances of recovery are very different, depending on how the tumor is advanced. Averages are:
  • Tumor confined to the endometrium:
- If surgery and radiation therapy 60 - 97 percent tumor free after 5 years
- When irradiation without surgery 60 - 80 percent
  • Tumor penetrates all layers of the wall of the uterus, but still no contamination of adjacent organs:
- If surgery and radiation therapy 40 - 60 percent
- When irradiation without surgery 30 - 40 percent
  • Tumor penetrates all layers of the wall of the womb, contamination of adjacent organs, distant metastases:
- To achieve greater freedom o no tumor
- Relief of the symptoms by exposure
- Pain

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