Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diagnostics of Ovarian Cancer

Initial investigations confirm the suspicion

Case of a suspected ovarian cancer begin with a thorough gynecological palpation. Subsequently, an ultrasound examination can be performed, allowing an assessment of the ovaries and adjacent pelvic organs.

Imaging techniques show the extent of the tumor

Further studies are used to estimate the disease stage:
  • CT scan of the pelvis
  • X-ray examination of the chest
  • X-ray of the breast (mammography to rule out that breast cancer is what led to the resettlement of metastases in the ovaries (this would directly against ovarian cancer in the ovaries arisen)
  • Blood test to the so-called tumor marker CA 12-5, its concentration in the blood is less important for the diagnosis rather than for therapy monitoring.

Histological examination only during the surgical

A histological examination is usually carried out only during the operation (so-called frozen section, where the surgical team is still reported as a result of the surgery). A biopsy before surgery, for example through a puncture is not recommended, it could lead to a slight violation of the tumor and thus to the spread of tumor cells.

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