Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Staging and Prognosis of Ovarian cancer

Stage I

For the assessment of disease severity following stages are used:
  • The tumor is confined to the ovary (or ovaries), where tumor cells can enter the peritoneal cavity.
Stage II
  • Spread of the tumor in the pelvic region
Stage III
  • Formation of secondary tumors (metastases) in lymph nodes and / or the peritoneum outside the pelvic region and / or the capsule of the liver
Stage IV

Formation of metastases in other organs, such as:
  • Colon (in approximately 50 percent of cases)
  • Liver (48 percent)
  • Lung (34 percent)
  • Lymph nodes adjacent to the large main artery (aorta, 58 per cent), pelvic (48 percent), chest (28 percent) and neck (14 percent)
  • Stomach (20 percent)
  • Adrenals (20 percent)
  • Spleen (19 percent)
  • Renal (15 percent)
  • Thyroid gland (15 percent)
  • Pancreas (12 percent)
  • Bone (12 percent)
  • The brain and meninges (3 percent)

Treatment planning and prognosis

The staging is both important for treatment planning, on the other can be estimated in this way the forecast. For example, the statistical probability of survival at 5 years, depending on tumor stage. It amounts to:
  • About 92 percent of stage I
  • Stage II, about 64 percent
  • Stage III approximately 35 percent
  • About 17 percent in stage IV

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